A.P.C. Striped Breton T-shirt and A.P.C. Barbara Trench coat by www.sartreuse.com

A.P.C. Striped Breton T-shirt, A.P.C. Barbara Trench Coat


Five Piece French Wardrobe – Three Month Review

We are currently at the end of March, which means that I have completed the first three months of the Five Piece French Wardrobe challenge of 2016. Since I have been busy most of February and March it has not been that much of a challenge to limit my purchases; I simply could not find the time to browse and shop since I was preoccupied with other stuff such as old Greek oratory and the world of Chaucer – the bliss. But I would not be me if I had not compiled a restricted wishlist for 2016, and I am beginning to slowly tick off boxes. How refreshing it is to just little by little work towards a new wardrobe instead of rushing into new buys. So far my Five Piece French Wardrobe challenge has proven to be effective – and here are the results:

 A.P.C. Striped top and A.P.C. Barbara trench coat on www.sartreuse.com

A.P.C. Striped T-shirt

As a lover of stripes and basic garments I immediately had my eyes set on this T-shirt by A.P.C… I think the original price was almost 100 euros, and thus I waited for the sales to scoop this one up at more reasonable price (at 70 percent off). I am tired of buying poor quality shirts, and the cotton and linen mix of this A.P.C. T-shirt is sturdy enough to last me a couple of seasons. I already have a lighter striped Breton top by Saint James, but I cannot wait to wear this short-sleeved A.P.C. top with black tapered trousers and my K. Jacques sandals. A.P.C. is known for bringing out this T-shirt in a very similar style each season, current version here.

A.P.C. Barbara Trench Coat

Over a year ago I started writing about my search for the perfect trench coat. I would not be me if it had not taken me ages to set my mind on the perfect garment. At the time my ideal version of the beige gabardine coat would have been a Burberry Kensington coat; the classic straight model with the notorious patterned lining. Since my budget was limited (at 1500 euros they definitely come with a hefty price tag for a student with limited funding), it was necessary to move on and find a suitable alternative. Obviously I turned towards my favourite go-to brand: A.P.C., and here it is: the Barbara trench coat, as simple yet qualitative as it gets. Outfit pictures once I get my mind to it.

Current Five Piece French Wardrobe Wishlist:

A.P.C. Beige trench coat
A.P.C. Short sleeved breton T-shirt
– The perfect dark blue denim jeans
– A simple little black dress
– Black leather sandals