My Bedroom and Wardrobe in Hong Kong
My Bedroom and Wardrobe in Hong Kong


My Current Bedroom and Wardrobe in Hong Kong

These are two photos I took of the current state of my bedroom in Hong Kong. I currently don’t own a closet, so I am rather limited in terms of space and what I can display on my clothing rack (which I consider a good thing). I actively aim to keep my clothing hangers, and wardrobe as a whole, as empty as possible.

At the moment, I have the following pieces hanging on the rack, all of them which I wear on heavy rotation:

Having the clothes visible on the clothing rack facilitates the process of picking my outfit in the morning, and makes the process of combining different pieces together easier. Also, the A.P.C. Doll coat in the back is new – I found it in Ragtag in Tokyo during my trip last week. I also managed to buy a couple of other garments, such as a grey tweed mini-skirt, white ruffled shirt (both pieces were bought on a whim while channeling my inner Jane Birkin in La Piscine) and finally one of the best vintage finds so far: a navy Burberry blazer (similar to this one). All my finds are vintage and pictures will follow when I can find the time take some…

Also, I have so much to say about my trip in Tokyo – but most of all, thank you to those who left me a comment or sent me a message with their tips! I ate copious amounts of ramen, walked until I couldn’t feel my legs anymore, and visited countless amazing vintage shops – the city is absolutely incredible when it comes to vintage shopping.