A.P.C. Denim Skirt Review and Outfit

The A.P.C. Denim Skirt

The best buy to survive the heat of this summer was definitely my A.P.C denim skirt. Being back in the south of France means very little running around town and a welcome break from the habitual uniform dressing, and therefore the perfect way to get out of my usual sartorial ways was by adding a denim skirt to my collection of clothes. The A.P.C. skirt is easy to mix and match with my other garments, although my favourite ways of combining it are either with a white embroidered blouse, or a navy woollen jumper such as the one I am wearing here (made by the French brand Sandro, which currently has a sale on The Outnet). Both items give the skirt this casual, downplayed look which I am a fan of. Initially scared of anything denim skirt related, the various A.P.C. campaigns made me fall in love – head over heels style – with this mini skirt, and in some strange way it actually has a sophisticated touch… as far as a denim skirt can have one, that is. I like how the brand even manages to make a short denim skirt feel comfortable and nonchalant.

I bought the A.P.C. skirt in size 36, while normally I fit a 34/XS. The 34 was so small and high that it looked slightly absurd on my body, and the 36 leaves me with enough space and lets the skirt fall carelessly around my hips. The denim material of the skirt is definitely the real, raw denim deal; it its exactly the same material as my A.P.C. jeans, which means that the denim is of a thick and sturdy material. It is actually impossible to fold the skirt, which is a good example of the thickness of the denim. The downside is that it takes quite a while to ‘break’ the skirt in, but now that I have passed this initial stage I am wearing it endlessly. To be honest, I have never seen a type of denim that looks as thick and of good quality as the A.P.C. line, and I wear my skirt and A.P.C. jeans as often as possible. The fit and quality just keep getting better with time. Worth the investment!

This outfit is the last one of my summer/holiday outfits, as I am currently back home again preparing for university and starting working life. Expect some more serious and ‘plain’ type of outfits, which is something I will be forced to focus on for the next ten months…

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