APC Floral Shirt Outfit by Sartreuse

A.P.C. Floral Shirt Outfit

Today, I am wearing another variation on a theme. I am a little late to the party, as the floral shirt I am wearing originally comes from the 2015 A.P.C. collection. I was only able to find it secondhand last month, after a long period of coveting it. The straight and simple cut of the shirt gives a loose, but flattering silhouette that can be worn for many seasons to come (which is also my argument for justifying the purchase of yet another shirt…). Combined with my vintage Levi’s jeans (similar here and here, or try a vintage shop), the outfit becomes slightly more casual and comfortable.

I am currently switching between my Cendrillon and Camille Repetto flats (of which I wrote a lengthy review, for those interested), but have splurged a bit last week and invested in a pair of tan K. Jacques Epicure sandals. With my move to Hong Kong quickly approaching, it is now time to start curating some warm weather basics, and the sandals were on top of that very same list. I am still thinking about investing in a light linen dress (preferably a wrap dress) and a light jacket, but other than that I should be sorted clothing-wise. For those living in a warmer climate, what else would be an essential basic for humid, warm weather? Any help for this European oceanic-climate-and-used-to-horrifyingly-cold-weather girl would be much appreciated.

APC Winter coat by Sartreuse  

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