A.P.C. Striped Top Outfit by Sartreuse

A.P.C. Striped Top Outfit

For all those who read my blog and are located in a colder climate, I apologise; the outfit posts of the next months will mostly deal with me adjusting and finding suitable outfits for the climate of Hong Kong. The introduction to my adjustment plan can be found here – in the next weeks I’ll show my basic yet adapted ensembles on the blog. Today I am wearing my first combination, and possibly also my favourite one.

As I wrote earlier last week, I’ve invested in two new basics; a striped A.P.C. top and a black cotton A.P.C. skirt. Both garments came in last week and are now susceptible to heavy wear. The pieces are comfortable, complement each other and form an understated look. On regular days I wear the ensemble with my Repetto heeled flats, and on a night out I pair them with my black Castañer espadrilles. The A.P.C. top is partly made of wool and therefore a bit thick for the humidity outside, but since I’m spending most of my time these days in a heavily air-conditioned library the garment has already proven very useful.

I will be visiting Tokyo and Kyoto next week and will eat my way through both cities (ramen, here I come). Any tips on what to visit and where to find the best ramen are very, very welcome. Have a great sunday!

A.P.C. Striped Top Outfit by Sartreuse 

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  Photo by Suan