A.P.C. T-Shirt Outfit by Sartreuse

A.P.C. T-Shirt and Suede Jacket

The classic Nouvelle Vague films are a major source of inspiration when it comes to my style. The sixties atmosphere, cool colour palettes yet simple and elegant outfits are simply a constant source of style inspiration to me. My most cherished directors from the period are (obviously) Jean Luc Godard and Jacques Truffaut. I could watch their movies endlessly – they simply never bore. Personal favourites include: Band of Outsiders, La Chinoise, Masculin Féminin, À Bout de Souffle, Pierrot le Fou and Jules et Jim. If you have not seen them, consider it a little list to get through the wintry months along with a glass of wine (which is exactly what I have been doing the last few days). With some subtitles, it could even be seen as a French lesson free of charge.

As for what I am wearing, I have been trying to create some more casual and understated outfits with a little vintage feel lately. I am working mostly from home, so have adopted this good old A.P.C. T-shirt as a central piece. Together with a vintage suede jacket I was perhaps aiming on chanelling a somewhat sixties Francoise Hardy vibe, although nobody wears a jacket as casual the way she does. Maybe one day I will invest in a suede garment by Isabel Marant or Vince as I am a fan of the material, but for now this older, vintage version will do.

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