Black Long Summer Dress by Sartreuse

Black Long Dress For Summer

As proven by my Instagram feed, most fashionistas and sartorial enthusiasts such as yours truly have embraced white garments this summer. One doesn’t need to have seen the Chanel Resort 2018 show inspired by Greece and the accompanying white architecture to make the assumption that white and summer work together like Mark Rothko and a two-tone colour palette, and even the fast fashion world (or perhaps simply known as Ortega’s Emporium) has opted for hues ranging from daring eggshell to the more conventional yet sophisticated blanc cassé.

I, however, have already grown tired of expanding my wardrobe with white fabrics only. As Jean-Michel Basquiat aptly argued: ‘I was just tired of seeing white walls, with white people, with white wine.’ Also, besides Basquiat’s argument, I seem to spill things on my white clothes all the time.

Therefore, I decided to go all the way, and have now opted to drape myself in an oversized long black dress. Originally a beach dress by aforementioned Ortega’s Zara (it is simultaneously long yet hardly appears to cover anything – an interesting fit), I am nowadays wearing the dress in the city as well. Above I am wearing it in San Sebastian, combined with my K. Jacques sandals and a vintage hat (similar here). I now seem to have all bases covered for summer, and can happily take a white linen dress and a long black dress off my list of summer essentials.

Black Long Summer Dress  

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