The  Blue Shirt Uniform Outfit

The Late Summer Blue Shirt Uniform

The temperature at the moment is still warm enough for me to enjoy my afternoons at the beach near my apartment. So, besides my beach towel and bikini (which is a simple black one at the moment), I usually wear my light blue shirt (it’s this one, but I took off the bow) with a pair of vintage cut-off Levi’s shorts. The versatility of the shirt is great; it has proven useful in both more formal outfits, and these casual beach days. I own a similar striped version by A.P.C. but it’s unfortunately way more prone to wrinkling… Which makes it a piece more suitable for formal settings.

As for clothing, I don’t have that much to cover or describe at the moment – I am content with my garments. Writing applications is keeping me occupied most of the time, and takes a toll onf me both time-wise and thought-wise. When not spending my leisure time at the beach or at the university, I like to try out the restaurant scene of Hong Kong (and especially Wan Chai, my neighbourhood) – favourite eateries at the moment include Le Garçon Saigon and Classified. Both do a great lunch and dinner time menu. As for cafes, one of my readers pointed out Elephant Grounds to me, and I absolutely adore sitting down there and watching all the well-dressed Hongkongese stop by for their daily cup of coffee… So, thank you!

A.P.C. Striped Top Outfit by Sartreuse 

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