Steven Alan Shirt and A.P.C. Jeans by


Basic Blue Shirt and Jeans

Another day in the life of somebody with a basic style uniform and a sparse amount of clothes. This combination is so simple it works for almost every occasion. I spent my day going from the library to a meeting and a lecture and found myself never too underdressed. The blue shirt is an oldie by Steven Alan I bought off Ebay a while ago and even though it has had its fair share of wear (the cotton has become rather thin on some spots but it is not noticeable) I feel like I am not ready to replace it just yet. I find Steven Alan to make the perfect everyday shirt and their petite size fits me perfectly. Also, special appearance by my A.P.C. Demi Lune bag, which is the perfect everyday bag. Whenever I do not need to bring my Macbook along to class the Demi Lune is my go-to bag.

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