Classic White Shirt, Vintage Edition by Sartreuse


The White Shirt, Vintage Edition

I already own a classic white silk shirt (see the outfit), and am wearing the linen version here. But today I am introducing another piece of my shirt collection, which is a somewhat more out-there, vintage Victorian shirt, found in a friperie near les Halles in Paris. The friperie is basically just the French take on a vintage store, often quite messy and disorganised. The shirt is definitely more of an oversized and frilly take on the classic shirt, but I love the somewhat dated yet nonchalant vibe of it (it has two strings which can either be attached or hang loose, a rather large fit which looks great tucked-in, and gathered shoulders). Where some women consider themselves slightly obsessed with footwear or bags, I seem to have a penchant for shirts in all sorts and sizes.

Somebody asked me on Tumblr to show some of my less basic items and I unfortunately have to admit that this shirt is probably one of the more unique pieces that I own… Perhaps together with my perennially loved Isabel Marant jackets. I am aware that to some this shirt is still rather basic and that there is a high factor of repetition in the way I dress, but I try to accurately and realistically depict what I wear on a day, not what I would want to wear or the idealised version of an outfit. And as always, I pair my shirts with my worn-in A.P.C. jeans and my ballet flats.

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