On the concept of style

For me, a good blog contains the following elements: a French and chic sense of style, a clean-cut layout, and an elegant yet simple style of writing. Unfortunately, after having browsed the blog hemisphere for quite a couple of years I have yet to find the perfect blog that combines all of these features. Most blogs nowadays are the realisation of the capitalist society that we live in, and therefore rather focus on the buying aspect of fashion, rather than the decluttering and preserving aspect of it.

A sense of style is something that is given to you after a long and hard search and is something that remains for the rest of your life. Therefore it should be interesting to read about people’s journeys in achieving it rather than just showing their purchases as a fast and temporary hint of bliss. With this in mind I shall start my blog and hope to inspire all readers to remain conscious about style choices and help me in my quest of obtaining the unattainable; the perfect wardrobe.