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Review of the A.P.C. Half Moon Bag

I have been requested a couple of times now to write a review of the A.P.C. Half Moon Bag and to describe my experiences with the bag. I bought my A.P.C. bag in December and had a bit of a slow start with the bag in the beginning, since I could not use it that much as I had to carry around my Macbook everyday and preferred my Longchamp Pliage. However, that changed radically as the weather became better and I had a bit more free time. Which I spent with my Half Moon bag by my side, naturally. Since I have had the bag for a couple of months now and I have featured it a couple of times on both my blog and Instagram, I reckoned it would be the ideal time to pen down my two cents about the Half Moon bag, a bag that now has now become my favourite everday go-to bag and a staple piece in my wardrobe.


Review of the A.P.C. Half Moon Bag on

The measurements of the A.P.C. Half Moon Bag are 24 x 17 x 8 cm.



I absolutely adore the half moon shape of the bag (literally translated from the French name ‘demi lune’), which is also the reason why it carries the name. The size is perfect for a handbag, but then again, I travel light and usually only have my wallet, small key, Iphone and a lipstick with me. It is not that large and does not fit a water bottle for example (trust me, I tried putting one in the other day and massively failed). The zip opens from the middle and I find the items to slide in easily. However, it is not possible to ‘open’ the bag completely due to its shape, so you will have to grab your items from the inside of the bag without actually seeing them. Since I do not put that much in there, I have no problems with doing so. I also try to refrain from filling the bag up completely, as I am scared of it deforming or having dents. However, the bag does not feel fragile at all. The shape and material feels sturdy and holds its shape due to the thick surfaces (not like the leather of the Céline Trio bag or general Céline leather). So far the A.P.C. bag has been holding up nicely and the leather remains as thick and sturdy as when I bought it. The shape has not lost any of its initial form at all.

The adjustable strap that comes with the bag is made of the same leather and has proven to be sturdy and does not seem to be prone to scratching and damage. As you can see on the image below, some creasing occured in the leather where the strap folds, but that is all. Other than those small creases and some small scratches, the bag hardly shows any signs of wear and I am quite content with the way it holds up. The golden logo on the front side (which says ‘A.P.C. Paris’ in gilded letters) is imprinted in the leather and has remained the same from when I bought it as well.


Review of the A.P.C. Half Moon Bag on

The leather is thick and keeps shape, but small scratches will become visible over time.



That brings us to the exterior of the bag, which in my version is made of thick, smooth black leather. A.P.C. also brought out a version two years ago that was made of vegetarian leather and the ‘leather’ looked less smooth and polished. There has lately been some talk on the internet about the leather being of bad quality or being extremely fragile. I have so far (after having it for over six months) noticed a couple of scratches on the front side of my bag, but hardly anything that would distract me from the bag itself. Since the bag is made of smooth leather it immediately becomes prone to scratching, just from rubbing against something or having it next to your jeans/belt/coat the whole day the bag can show some signs of use over time. I have to admit that I am not the most careful with my A.P.C. bag, especially since I have been wearing it on nights out on the town as well.

However, I sincerely believe that items are meant to be worn and enjoyed, and feel that the bag actually has (despite the light scratching it receives over time) a very long lifespan due to the thick and sturdy leather that does not lose its shape over time. Therefore yes, the leather does get scratched and it is slightly noticeable, but the quality of the leather is also immensely thick and sturdy. I have yet to see a bag that has a ‘thicker’ leather surface and shape than the A.P.C. Half Moon bag.


Review of the A.P.C. Half Moon Bag on

An outfitpost with my A.P.C. Bag. Click here to see the whole post.



The price of the Half Moon bag seems to have already increased since I bought it. It is also slightly cheaper in France than the rest of the world, but this has always been the case for the clothes and shoes by A.P.C. I bought it in France for 300 euros, and currently it is for sale on the French A.P.C. website for 310 euros. Outside of France the bag will cost you 330 euros (455 dollars), which is without shipping fee when bought on their website. Whether that price is worth the splurge is up to you, but I do think it is worth investing in one smaller bag instead of re-buying a new one every year or so. At least I finally have the bag I was coveting, instead of three that are slightly similar, but not exactly what I was after.


With a size that is compact and a shape that is elegant and not too out there, the A.P.C. Half Moon Bag is the perfect everyday bag to carry your wallet, keys and lipstick in when on the go. When you are a heavy traveller during the day you might want to invest in something slightly bigger, as the bag does not hold space for water bottles or a larger wallet. The leather is thick and sturdy and keeps shape, but is prone to scratching and very light scratches will become visible over time. The gilded logo stays nice and clear over time and the accompanying strap is made of thick and high quality leather as well. The details of the bag are set in gold colour and do not fade or give off colour over time. In conclusion, this is a great and stylish everyday bag and for 330 euros (455 dollars) more of a budget option than a Céline Trio bag, but still looks elegant and holds up well.

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