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Seen here: ‘Camille’ Repetto ballerina flats (lower ‘Cendrillon’ version here.)


Repetto Camille Ballet Flats

I have been writing regularly about the Repetto ballet flats on my blog, but I noticed that I have never written a detailed review of them. Until now! As for myself I usually read through lengthy reviews on blogs before making any kind of purchase, so here is me spreading the word on one of my favourite pair of shoes: the Repetto ballet flats in the Camille model (which is the same as the Cendrillon model, but has a very small heel).


The Repetto ballet flats are well-known in France and a trademark for every chic and elegant woman that wants to look stylish when wearing a casual outfit. You will notice a pair of Repetto flats inside nearly all of my French friends’ wardrobes and the Repetto stores in Paris are big business. Nowadays, not only French women want to have a pair of these soft calf-leathered Repetto flats, as the business is expanding with an online webshop that now includes international shipping.

Personally, I have been doubting between a pair of Lanvin flats, the A.P.C. x Porselli flats or a pair of Repetto flats. What pushed me over the bridge? Well, mainly living in Paris and asking my friends where they got their ballet flats from. Also, the suberb quality of the leather and how comfortable they are to walk in. Plus, they are only a fraction of the price of the Lanvin flats and around the same price as the A.P.C. x Porselli flats, the latter going for slightly elevated prices only because of the A.P.C. collaboration. The Repetto flats seemed like the perfect option to me.

Repetto ballet flats


I know that on the internet there are various tips floating around on which size to get, but in my opinion definitely go up a whole size. Repetto has never succumbed to vanity sizing, so their shoe sizes have been pretty much the same since they were founded in 1947. Because stubborn is my middle name I tried my luck with a 37,5 (I am a 37) and walking them in was absolute hell. Definitely not recommendable. If I would have gotten a 38 the shoes would have still been snug and would have perfectly shapen to my feet. You’ll read about anywhere that you have to go up a whole size, but the Repetto website advises to only go up half a size. Just to be sure, you can measure the length of the ballet flats on the Repetto website.

Repetto ballet flats


The leather of the Repetto ballet flats is impeccable – the thick and smooth leather you’ll only see on quality shoes, which is what pushed me over the bridge. The bow is a cute detail that in my opinion enhances the flats (if you’re put off by it, the Lanvin flats don’t have any). The only advice I can give you in order to lengthen their lifespan is, after a couple of wears so the ballerina flats have adapted to your feet, to pay your cobbler a visit and get them soled. The sole of the Repetto flats is quite thin and will wear out after a year of intense wear and placing a slightly thicker sole on them is not expensive and will get you way more wear out of them. The sales clerk at Repetto even advised me to get them soled!

Repetto ballet flats


After coveting them for months, I can say that I am completely smitten with my pair of Repetto flats. I own both the Cendrillon and the Camille version and use them for different occasions. I’ve been wearing them all over summer as they go with just about anything. They are one of the most basic pair of shoes ever and I think that is what makes them so charming. The only downside to these flats is that the price tag is quite hefty (they go for € 185 on the French website, but you can often find good deals on Ebay and VestiareCollective). Definitely not something I can afford to have everyday, but hey, I would rather invest in one good, qualitative pair than a cheaper pair every couple of months. But, naturally, that choice is yours to make. All in all, I am very happy with my pair of Repetto flats and you can see me wear them here.

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