About a dress

I’m the kind of a gal who does not feel at ease in any type of dressing I would declare ‘fancy.’ Don’t get me wrong – I love being chic and looking taken care of, but it is something about wearing something fancy that makes me me feel completely self-conscious and not like myself at all.

Take, for instance, the dress. I have a penchant for dresses and feel a bit helpless whenever I acquire one and am unable to work my way around it. Frankly, I even feel a bit of a wit from time to time when i see these Mediterranean ladies sporting the loveliest of ensembles on, for example, The Sartorialist (here and here).

Truth be told, in this society where I thrive to think men and women are at equal (sadly, hardly ever the case in reality) I think the dress is becoming very slowly an obsolete piece. Sure, by wearing the classic garment we might fill up to society’s idea of the ‘feminine woman,’ but nowadays, dolling up like that feels often a bit unnecessary and frankly a hassle to a jeans-and-shirts type of girl like me.

Anyway, I wasn’t supposed to broach this matter today but merely pop in for a couple of words on dresses. The type I would wear would be a dress that has to offer comfort, ooze a certain type of ‘chic’ and in the meantime would not make me look the overly feminine type of girl. Sounds hardly impossible doesn’t it?

The dress pictured above is one I’d wish I could wear with panache one day. It’s terribly elegant and I would not feel anywhere near self-conscious while sporting this piece. It is done by The Row and you can find it, among a couple of similiar styles here. A less splurging version under 100 euros (by Alexander Wang) can be acquired here.