Left: Enjoying the first signs of spring weather with a straw hat Right: Actual representation of my days in Barcelona


First Signs of Spring Weather

When it comes to spring weather, when is the perfect time to take out those lighter garments again? Normally, I’d say gradually as the weather slowly gets warmer, switching long sleeves for shorter ones and exchanging your trustworthy leather boots for light-hued espadrilles and a pair of tan sandals. Except for when you live in Northern Europe, where spring 2017 has unfortunately been cancelled.

Anyway, I am really sulking for no reason. I came back from Barcelona two weeks ago and experienced five days of actual sunshine. I could wear linen shirts and cotton dresses and spent an actual day at the beach, sunbathing and reading. Much needed, especially after a sloppy round-up of the last semester and the inevitable stress of a lengthy and contricate visa procedure (will it ever end?). When visiting my friend in Gothenburg last week, I spent a good day reading and sunbathing on the cliffs – enjoying the Scandinavian sunshine.



A.P.C. Betsey Sandals, A.P.C. Mina top, A.P.C. Katie dress


This made me think about my current spring and summer wear. I still have a white Isabel Marant dress which I adore, but am in need of a new light cotton top or shirt. Preferably something along the lines of the A.P.C. Mina top shown above, this top or this one. Matched with a simple pair of jeans and black espadrilles my spring uniform receives a slight update. Not that any of these garments are actually urgently needed – I’ll be honest – but every now and then it is nice to invest in something. For the sake of les petit plaisir, perhaps.

Frankly, the last month my actual beauty and/or fashion purchases have been zero (although I did purchase some other things before, which I may write about soon), so it will be fun to look into preparing for a new season. I will also be taking some outfit pictures soon again (as they genuinely help me to remain content with the items I already own), but I am off to Paris for the next few days to spend some time with my boyfriend.

APC Winter coat by Sartreuse