Gold Coin Necklace by Sartreuse

Gold Coin Necklace

Frankly, I do not wear much jewellery. I find the sensation of rings around my fingers to be quite uncomfortable, and most bracelets tend to be too loose and end up falling off my wrist. I am on the lookout for a nice pair of earrings, but find them to be too much too easily, often taking away the simplicity of my look. I adore the aesthetic of Sophie Buhai’s work, and am contemplating whether to invest in one of her pieces. Therefore, my jewellery collection is at the moment still very much a work in progress. I find that most jewellery seems to take away the focus on the face, instead of merely accentuating it.

I am, however, a big fan of wearing a gold coin necklace. I wear mine (as you can see on most of my outfit pictures) almost everyday. The piece I always seem to get back to is my dainty, golden baptism necklace. The size of the pendant is perfect, and it adds a slight touch of feminity in my normally quite masculine wardrobe. You see, the Cartier Tank watch I wear out of practicality (I dislike checking the hour on my phone and am a sucker for the nostalgic charm of a beautiful, vintage watch), but the coin necklace is a straightforward statement piece that enriches my look with its simplistic charm, and which simultaneously contains sheer sentimental value.

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