Hermès Oran Sandals Outfit by Sartreuse


The Hermès Oran Sandals

When it comes to footwear, simple and steady wins the race. My favourite summer shoes of the moment are my new tan K. Jacques sandals, of which I wrote a lengthy review last week. However, I wouldn’t be myself if my fascination for foot-gear would simply end there. Although I aim to limit my purchases, the fast fashion craze taking over social media constantly exposes me to new items and, mostly, just an overabundance of ridiculously expensive footwear. This has resulted in me finding my latest crush, which comes in the shape of the black leather version of the Hermès Oran sandals.

A mon humble avis, one doesn’t need that many summer shoes. Personally, I currently switch between my black Repetto flats (everyday wear), tan K.Jacques sandals (warmer days) and black Castañer espadrilles (nights out). However, if I had to indulge and buy a new pair, I wouldn’t mind adding the Oran sandals to my closet. Last week, I had the chance to see them in real life – tucked away in the Hermès shop on the quieter side of the sixth arrondissement of Paris. Flat and comfortable sandals are the only thing on my mind now that I am moving to Hong Kong, and given that slides have become trendy again (how many furry versions I’ve seen popping up on my Instagram feed), the Hermès Oran version is the simple yet perfect answer to the should-I-indulge slide-dilemma I’ve been having.

I would wear them with a white T-shirt, simple blue jeans and my A.P.C. handbag – in a similar laissez-faire manner as model Emelie Thompson wears hers. However, Elin Kling proves that they work perfectly in a more sophisticated, all-black ensemble as well. Both options show that the Oran sandals would make a perfect yet subtle summer companion, and they are currently gracing the top of my long-term wishlist.

Hermès Oran Sandals Outfit by Sartreuse

White T-shirt, jeans shorts, A.P.C. bag, Cartier watch, golden necklace, Hermès Oran sandals