Louise Damas Esmeralda Necklace by Sartreuse

I am wearing an oversized white shirt, Cartier watch and Esmeralda necklace (similar here and here) and bracelet by Louise Damas.


Louise Damas Esmeralda Necklace and Bracelet

I wrote a bit back that I am slowly building towards a small, personal collection of fine jewellery. After many teenage years of buying trinkets that always managed to mysteriously disappear after a few weeks or would turn silver (or rusty) instead of staying their original ‘golden’ colour, I figured that the time had come to change my approach. I am slowly investing in a small set of pieces that will prove to be versatile and, most importantly, will hold up over time. So far, my collection consists of a golden baptism necklace which I wrote about here, and a bracelet and necklace from the Esmeralda collection by French jewellery designer Louise Damas.

The Esmeralda bracelet and necklace (similar here and here) are adjustable in size, and have a beautiful, slightly muted golden hue. Initially I wasn’t sure of their quality (as I couldn’t find any reviews of jewellery by Louis Damas online), but having had both pieces in my possession for nearly four months now, I can safely say the colour hasn’t faded a single bit. I change between the Esmeralda necklace and my baptism necklace, and haven’t grown tired of the simple yet elegant design of both. I was gifted both the bracelet and necklace for Christmas from a relative, and have been happily wearing them since. As for the next step, I might actually add a ring to my collection – especially after having seen this set of rings by Isabel Marant at Le Bon Marché two weeks ago.

APC Winter coat by Sartreuse