My current shoe situation

Believe it or not, but all these elegant shoes belong to the beautiful and inspiring Gaia Repossi. I think this image shows a perfect selection of what the wardrobe of a modern and chic woman needs to consist of shoe-wise. For your information, Gaia Repossi is the ultimate example of the ‘je ne sais quoi’ French vibe and is an impeccable style icon that has implemented the boyish girl-theme to a notch. This style talk where she talks about her style and collection is a must to check out and follow for all searchers of style and class.

While we are at it, some thoughts on my own current shoe situation:

-I now own the Isabel Marant Dicker Boots in black and taupe. I am considering them in the ‘miel’ colour as well, but there is that little voice in my head that’s saying two pairs are sufficient. We’ll see how long I can resist the itch.

-Since the Amsterdam weather is getting rainier by the day the possibilities of wearing the Dicker boots get slimmer every day. I should keep them in and take as little risk as possible (rain equals danger when it comes to suede, don’t believe the sprays!).

-I have a great pair of Jonak’s Chelsea boots in black that are my everyday go-to boots for rainy weather.

-My leather white Repetto brogues are so delicate that I am afraid of wearing them in any other season than spring, which firmly slims the chances of decking out in a Gainsbourg-type of attire. On the hunt for a more resistible, Dutch-weather-proof pair.

-I am still choosing between either black leather ballerina flats or black leather loafers as my next purchase and signature pair of shoes. Feminine ou masculine? Je ne sais pas encore.