Outfit du jour by Sartreuse - http://bit.ly/2lIz7md
Left: Wearing a vintage coat (similar here), Levi’s 501 jeans, Isabel Marant boots, Chanel nailpolish. Right: Angela Allen, 2017


Somewhere Between Paris and Amsterdam

I am writing this from my train compartment, sitting among a crowd of businessmen who are, similar to me, doing the Paris – Amsterdam traject on a sunny morning in March. Unlike me, most of them are dressed in an impeccable manner – sharp cut jackets reminiscent of those elegant slim ones by Valentino and immaculately brushed shiny leather shoes. As for me, style and clothes have been little on my mind these past days, even though Paris Fashion Week was the subject du jour among some of my friends (but then again, many of them work in fashion in Paris, so fair enough). After quickly passing by and casting a glance at the Acne Studios showroom the other day, I can only say that I participated and was served my fair share of fashion. I did, however, by sheer chance, re-read one of my favourite articles about Roland Barthes’ silk scarf legacy the other day, after a talk with a friend on what a bona fide philosopher should look like. I love it when poststructuralism and fashion come together.

I haven’t been eyeing anything new much, but I have started wearing my Levi’s 501 jeans again. Together with this old, vintage navy coat (which looks very similar to this garment here) and Isabel Marant boots, they make for the perfect outfit to trod around in the rainy Paris weather. I am trying out red nails by the way, this colour being Pirate by Chanel. I took the picture above while waiting for my friend to come down – the mirror is placed right next to the entrance of his apartment. I now wonder what he thinks of my evident narcissism, haha.