Spring Time Wardrobe Assembly by Sartreuse

Transition wear: beige trenchcoat, blue cotton shirt, blue jeans, boots, perfume, bag


Spring Time Wardrobe Assembly

Even though the local weather here has apparently decided to delay spring for a little while, I couldn’t help but start thinking about suitable transition garments. Next week will be the first where I will bring out my beloved A.P.C. Barbara trenchcoat again, together with my Isabel Marant Dicker boots. The different shades of beige (although the boots are slightly more khaki) will emphasise the fact that I have officially woken up from my winter hibernation. One can only wear a black roll neck jumper with black jeans and black leather boots for a certain amount of time and I don’t want to be known as the eternal outfit repeater at my university, even though I think I already am. My blue cotton shirt is worn on repeat again, and from now on shares turns with a white linen version.

Also, since I consider this blog quite personal at times, I have to mention something terribly exciting and simultaneously terrifying. After a lengthy and slightly Kafkaesque application process, I can finally say that I have been accepted to study at the linguistics department of the University of Hong Kong, and will move to Asia coming August. Having never even visited Hong Kong before, you could say I am quite stoked at the idea of discovering a new place while having the opportunity to study at one of Asia’s top universities.

Although the university aligns perfectly with what I have been studying before, sartorially the change will be tremendous. Going from a continental European climate into a tropical humid one will verge certain transitions in my wardrobe. I can only look forward to implementing new styles and pieces, and will start thinking about how to adapt while staying true to my somewhat rigid capsule wardrobe after I get this dreadful visa application process off the ground…

APC Winter coat by Sartreuse