Tenue de jour

To tell you the truth it takes a lot of effort to become effortless. This is my tenue de jour, and frankly this has been my tenue de every jour of this winter season, besides the jumper which I happen to replace for a shirt every now and then or my vintage striped top. Also, when the days will be getting lighter I will replace the darker Dicker boots with my beige coloured pair. On days that there happens to be rain I will religiously wear my chelsea boots out of fear of suede damage. They give a ‘rougher’ edge to outfit, I happened to notice. Alas, this still remains the skeleton of all my outfits.

A.P.C. Jumper / Zara jeans / Oversized coat / Isabel Marant Dicker boots / Omega wristwatch / Chanel ‘Coco’ Perfume / Chanel ‘Mademoiselle’ Lipstick / RayBan Wayfarer Sunglasses