A.P.C. striped jumper, A.P.C. black cotton skirt, Repetto ballet flats (review here)


The New Basics

These last days I have been trying to think of something style-related for my blog, but as much as I have been enjoying living in a completely new city, I find that my personal style has hardly changed. Sure, there are the necessary adaptations when it comes to climate (think of a temperature rise of 20 degrees compared to Amsterdam) which I talked about earlier, but other than that I haven’t found my style to have undergone that many transformations.

To the question of what’s on my wishlist at the moment, I think I can only answer with the same response many people in Hong Kong would give: paying my rent, haha. Even though I love this city for so many reasons, rental prices (and mostly the quality for money when it comes to renting an apartment) are definitely quite different when compared to Europe. Although I am so lucky with my charming Wan Chai flat, I have never paid this much rent for such an amount of square metres before.

Anyway, moving back to clothes – I have already purchased two simple pieces while living here. However, both items were bought secondhand, which aligns with my current vision of buying clothing – don’t cling to the idea of getting things from the latest season only, and don’t be afraid of buying your favourite brands secondhand.

The first item is a lightweight A.P.C. Breton jumper. The stripes are a bit more playful than my other A.P.C. jumper(which is black with light stripes, so the other way around), and it works perfectly with my other new purchase: a black cotton A.P.C. skirt. Sure, there is nothing wrong with their notorious denim skirt I already own (which I wear and review here), except for the fact that it is currently still in France. Luckily, I found its black-coloured partner for quite a steal on the almighty Ebay.

Both purchased garments are perfect for the heat and humidity of late summer, and the jumper has already proven quite efficient when spending the day in an air conditioned library which resembles more of a cooling unit rather than a supposedly warm and friendly learning environment. At least the place has proven to be an excuse to buy myself a new A.P.C. jumper…

Outfit pictures might follow soon as I have convinced my friend here to take some shots of me, my place and my tiny wardrobe in trade for some typical home-cooked French food (thank you Suan!). I am also thinking of starting a new experiment while I’m living in Hong Kong, dealing with the aspect of curating a tiny capsule wardrobe while living in a small space – I can assure you that I’ve never had as much of a capsule wardrobe as I currently have. I must have brought only around thirty items at most. Anyway, I’ll keep you posted!
Black Long Summer Dress