Two Basic Vintage Purchases by Sartreuse

Latest vintage purchases: tan silk shirt and navy cashmere V-neck jumper.


Two Basic Vintage Purchases

One of the style resolutions I have set for 2017 is to put a little less focus on the Five Piece French Wardrobe challenge, and start investigating the idea of vintage clothing. Vintage and secondhand clothing still receive somewhat of a bad rap on the internet and I feel as if they are often slightly underrepresented in today’s blogosphere. Since the latter is currently monetised (or dare I say capitalised upon) like it has never been before, it is not the strangest idea that vintage wear does not fit in the current picture. I reckon until a lot of influencers (or perhaps their media agencies) figure out how to maximise profit out of vintage garments, it will for now remain in the shadow of the larger, willing-to-spend-big-bucks-on-blogger-marketing brands.

Anyway, back to the subject of vintage. Vintage garments are my interpretation of ethical shopping. I am a bit cautious when it comes to some of these new and upcoming so-called ethical brands. I am fond of the concept, but can one ever be sure? My problem with a lot of them is that it is mostly their marketing that promises a better future, rather than a set of clear facts, and proper referencing. Much behind the scenes of these brands remains behind the scenes at the end of the day. This Everlane article expands upon that notion, arguing that ultimately Zara is more ethical than an e-retailer such as Everlane.

However, scepticism aside, I do want to spend less money on over-purchasing stuff which, let’s face it, I don’t really need. A lessening approach and an exploration of vintage shopping, therefore, are my take on putting a slightly more ethical angle to my sartorial musings. Also, I kind of grew fond of the idea of re-using garments, as it reminds me of that special heirloom piece which has been going round the family, finally reaching you and having you give your own sartorial interpretation to it. Maybe that Céline coat or Hermès shirt once graced the shoulders of someone else’s grandmother, but it can now be your turn to wear it with pride.

Last week, I discovered a small vintage shop by the name of Wini which is about two streets from my apartment in Amsterdam. In there, I found two new basic pieces which have been on my wishlist for the longest time: a tan silk shirt made out of the softest Mulberry silk, and a navy V-neck cashmere jumper. Both pieces fit me to a T, are in good condition and match well, but can also be worn on their own. The quality is to die for; it has been ages since I found two-ply cashmere that soft and thick, and the cut of the silk shirt is simply exquisite. I am currently wearing both on a small, weekend getaway in the windy yet calm northern islands of The Netherlands, but will keep you posted on the quality of both garments.

APC Winter coat by Sartreuse  

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