Wardrobe Essentials Of Summer 2017 by Sartreuse

A.P.C. bag, A.P.C. T-shirt, K. Jacques sandals, Vintage Levi’s shorts


Wardrobe Essentials of Summer 2017

I’m officially three days late with this overview post (autumn started three days ago… welp), but to stay consistent and in line with my previous seasonal entries, I would still like to show an overview of this year’s summer staple pieces. If only to remind myself which pieces have become staples – and which ones haven’t. If you would like to catch up, read my winter version of last year here.

This year’s everyday summer uniform ended up being… unusually casual. Having spent most of my summer in the south of France and Hong Kong, temperatures were high, and not much clothing was necessary. Whereas in Amsterdam I would have been able to wear this outfit for perhaps one week in total, I now had no problem whatsoever wearing my vintage Levi’s shorts with a simple T-shirt nearly every day of the week. The uniform seen above features my favourite striped T-shirt by A.P.C. (which I’m also wearing here), but I switched between a simple plain white, and grey T-shirt as well.

My other two summer items which were worn on repeat were my A.P.C. Demi Lune bag (review here) and my tan K. Jacques sandals (also, review here). The K. Jacques sandals took a while to walk in, but now seem to have completely taken the shape of my foot and are very comfortable. I hope to still get a bit of wear out of them this autumn in Hong Kong, combined with my longer Levi’s jeans or black simple suit trousers.

Beauty Essentials Of Summer 2017 by Sartreuse

Makeup and skincare

As for makeup, my products and rituals haven’t changed a bit. On the days I wear makeup, I apply a little bit of Chanel Volume Mascara on my eyelashes, paired with my favourite Chanel Mademoiselle Lipstick. I dislike the feeling of foundation or other makeup products, so I refrain from using them.

The Chanel lipstick has been a favourite for years now and is the perfect everyday lipstick, which is just one shade darker than my natural lip colour. My perfume has been Chanel’s Mademoiselle for years now, and especially during summer the floral scent has become an absolute favourite.

My skincare ritual during summer is particularly simple; on the days I wear makeup I wash my face with Biodermal Micellar water (not pictured), and afterwards apply a tiny bit of Embryolisse cream.

Also pictured are my two daily accessories; my golden baptism necklace (which I wear here), and my Cartier Tank watch. These two pieces are seasonless, and can be found around my neck and wrist every single day. It’s easy to never have to think about accessories when you have two pieces with special meaning that are simultaneously simple enough to be paired with anything.

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