Three simple outfits (that work for the office) by

Outfits that work for the office

Often when I find outfit inspiration on blogs or magazines, I find it hard to translate them to office attire. Ofcourse every office is different, but in general there is a certain rule when it comes to fits and shapes and to what is acceptable and what isn’t.

First of all, one should be sure that no item ever reveals too much. Showing too much skin will make people spend more time thinking about your body or look rather than on what you have to say, which might avoid you to be taken seriously in an office environment. Secondly, it is also a tad bit unprofessional and makes your co-workers question your attitude and motives. Therefore it is a better idea to imagine ‘classy’ and not ‘sexy’ when picking heels or wearing tight-fitted clothes. I never wear heels because I can not imagine myself looking elegant in them (I’d sweep across the workfloor. Not a good look frankly), but I can wear a pump and still look elegant.

Colour coordinate

Another tip is to always opt for basic colours that are fuzz-free and abstain from bright, neon hues. Clothes are meant to enhance your appearance, not to distract others from it. Basic colours such as black, beige, burgundy and navy make a simple closet in which you can flawlessy combine your items of different colours. This will make you save some time during mornings as well. Even the more ‘daring’ colours such as forest green, brown or violet would suit some complexions and are still easy to mix with white, beige and black. By choosing a palette and sticking to it you will start feeling more comfortable when wearing ‘your’ colours.
Three simple outfits (that work for the office) by

Seen here: Cotton shirt

Look 1: Shirts and comfy shoewear

If there are two things that I love, it is shirts and flat shoes. Sadly, this combination often becomes too homely and not very office-proof. In order to spice it up a litte, try finding a blouse made of a high-quality material such as thick cotton or mulberry-silk to make it look representable. Opt for ballerinas in basic colours such as black, beige, burgundy or navy to make it your go-to pair and match all your outfits. Repetto is a good bet for ballerina’s (read my review of the black leather pair here) and Equipment brings out a lot of qualitative blouses every season. My favourite brand for shirts is Everlane. Remember, if you invest in one good pair, the three pairs you have of lesser quality become obsolete.
Three simple outfits (that work for the office) by

Seen here: Woollen jumper


Look 2: Tapered trousers and a woollen jumper

The good thing about investing in tapered trousers and a woollen jumper is that you can combine both pieces with the items of look one. The tapered trousers instantly make you look chic whereas the woollen jumper tones down the look. When buying the jumper, remember to go for a slightly oversized fit. Try Uniqlo’s selection of woollen and cashmere jumpers. Tapered trousers can be found everywhere, but try finding one made of a wool or a crepe-de-chine material for most comfort and a flowy fit.
Three simple outfits (that work for the office) by

Seen here: Soft black t-shirt


Look 3: All black with a blazer

It all depends on your office whether you are able to get away with wearing jeans at your office. If you are not sure there is always the option of a black or dark gray pair. Combined with a black t-shirt and a blazer or just a simple black shirt will instantly make you look refined and not too casual. Be aware that good proportions will either make or break this outfit; t-shirts and shirts that look too fitted will make you look uncomfortable. Buy your t-shirt or shirt slightly oversized and tuck the bottom in your jeans and wear a black belt to make it look smart. Try Alexander Wang or Everlane for a pair of slouchy t-shirts with a round neck.